Finding commercial roofing contractors with reliable work ethic and provide high quality product and can be a tough job. An even tougher job is finding a roofing company with a team that’s genuinely passionate about tackling the big jobs. Here at NZ Roofing Services, we guarantee all that and more. Our professional and experience team specialises in constructing, renovating and maintaining roofs, with a dedication to making our clients’ lives easier while we work.

Maintaining a business shouldn’t include you having to worry about the roof falling apart, and it’s our priority to lift that burden from your shoulders. Our expert tradespeople execute top-quality jobs no matter what the commercial roofing project is, so you can get on with business as usual.

commercial roofing


We offer the full spectrum of commercial roofing services, ensuring our projects are completed at the highest standard to benefit clients in the long run. With our years of experience have given us the tools we can recommend the ideal roofing solution for your business, from installing custom roofing to providing regular inspection services.



The damage that results from leaving a leak or crack for too long can spark a lot of costs and hassle down the line, so we provide repairs that will have your roof looking brand new as soon as possible, with a quality that will last the ages.



If you’ve noticed a lot of recurring issues with your roof, it might be time to bid a fond farewell and replace it with a newer, sturdier roofing system. We’ll suggest the best kind of roof for your property, as well as the one most likely to increase its value.



It’s as they say, a new coat of paint can go a long way, and that also applies to your roof. We use paint that includes Wattyl Solarguard, or Apco self-priming roof paint, and we always make sure to weatherguard with the appropriate methods for each individual type of roof.



The devil is in the details, so keep on top of them with professional maintenance. We’ll happily handle replacing screws, rusted sheets, tiles and gutters, as well as cleaning and general roofing maintenance for your home.